Picture of 2015 ICC Dispute Resolution Statistics

2015 ICC Dispute Resolution Statistics

E-Chapter from ICC Dispute Resolution Bulletin 2016 - Issue 1
ICC Publication No. @16BUL1-1, 2016 Edition
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Detailed statistics on cases filed with the ICC International Court of Arbitration and the ICC International Centre for ADR in 2015 and the dispute resolution proceedings administered by these two bodies. 

In 2015, ICC dispute resolution services continued and consolidated their steady progression. Newly revised rules – arbitration in 2012; mediation in 2014; experts, DOCDEX and dispute boards in 2015 – have kept these services attuned to users’ needs and modern practices and contributed to a 6% overall growth in case filings since 2012. Aside from the broad picture, a number of significant developments in particular areas or aspects of the services were observed in 2015. Emerging economies were more present than before, reflecting not only their increasing participation in international trade but also the widening outreach of the ICC International Court of Arbitration. The number of complex and high-value disputes continued to grow, showing users’ confidence in ICC’s capacity to handle such cases. The ICC Court’s unabated efforts to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of its services and encourage transparency and diversity led to fewer challenges against arbitrators and more direct appointments of arbitrators, male and female, while its responsiveness to user demand was illustrated by the increased uptake of its emergency arbitrator procedure. Use of the expert services offered by the ICC International Centre for ADR was also given a new impetus, the revised Expert Rules having widened the scope of these services and opened the way for closer synergy with ICC’s other dispute resolution services.

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