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Anti-Suit/Arbitration Injunctions

E-Chapter from ICC Dispute Resolution Bulletin Procedural Decisions in ICC Arbitration
2014 Edition
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Published in May 2015

ICC Case 14581

Date of procedural order: June 2007

Origins of parties: Europe

Place of arbitration: Geneva, Switzerland

ICC Rules of Arbitration: 1998

Summary of issues:

  • anti-arbitration injunction as interim measure
  • prerequisites for an anti-arbitration injunction
  • inconclusive force of prima facie examination of arbitration agreement
  • no evidence of abuse, irreparable harm


ICC Case 18563

Date of procedural order: December 2012

Origins of parties: America, Asia

Place of arbitration: Lausanne, Switzerland

ICC Rules of Arbitration: 2012

Summary of issues:

  • anti-suit injunction as interim measure
  • anti-suit injunction not subject to same criteria as interim measures on the merits
  • breach of arbitration agreement
  • risk of aggravation of the dispute

provisional nature of decision

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