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Picture of Collected DOCDEX Decisions 2013-2016

Collected DOCDEX Decisions 2013-2016 Decisions by ICC experts on Documentary credits, collections and demand guarantees
Gary Collyer & David Meynell
2017 Edition

Covering cases from 2013-2016, this collection of DOCDEX Decisions includes 30 Decisions providing valuable insights into the reasoning behind the experts’ final judgments on letter of credit disputes. > Read more

Picture of ICC Short Form Model Contracts

ICC Short Form Model Contracts International Commercial Agency - Distributorship
2017 Edition

ICC Short Form Model Contracts gives a clear and concise presentation of both types of contract Model Agency and Distributorship. It provides essential model clauses for drafting simplified contracts and is an invaluable tool for international traders. > Read more

Picture of  ICC Uniform Rules for Forfaiting URF 800 English Russian Version

ICC Uniform Rules for Forfaiting URF 800 English Russian Version Унифицированные правила ICC для форфейтинговых операций, включая типовые формы соглашений (URF 800)
2016 Edition

Двуязычное русско-английское издание содержит оригинальный текст унифицированных правил для форфейтинговых операций (URF), опубликованных впервые на английском языке в 2012 году в составе официальной публикации ICC № 800 > Read more
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