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Picture of Dispute Resolution and Climate Change

Dispute Resolution and Climate Change The Paris Agreement and Beyond
Wendy Miles
2017 Edition
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Climate Change is a global issue that demands a multinational approach to change. > Read more

Picture of Collected DOCDEX Decisions 2013-2016

Collected DOCDEX Decisions 2013-2016 Decisions by ICC experts on Documentary credits, collections and demand guarantees
Gary Collyer & David Meynell
2017 Edition

Covering cases from 2013-2016, this collection of DOCDEX Decisions includes 30 Decisions providing valuable insights into the reasoning behind the experts’ final judgments on letter of credit disputes. > Read more

Picture of ICC Short Form Model Contracts

ICC Short Form Model Contracts International Commercial Agency - Distributorship
2017 Edition

ICC Short Form Model Contracts gives a clear and concise presentation of both types of contract Model Agency and Distributorship. It provides essential model clauses for drafting simplified contracts and is an invaluable tool for international traders. > Read more
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