Picture of Going Global – ICC’ online training for everyone involved in international business

Going Global – ICC’ online training for everyone involved in international business

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  • 300€ per trainee 
  • Group discounts : 
    - 10 to 49 trainees - 250€ per trainee 
    - 50+ trainees - 200€ per trainee

This training also exists in Spanish.

International business transactions involve significant risks compared to trading in domestic markets. Learn how to avoid pitfalls and costly disputes with this 40-hour online training, developed by ICC experts and savvy practitioners

11 modules to cover every aspect of global trade

  • A general Overview Module examines the challenges of an international sales transaction and the most common techniques used to address them. It also looks at the legal framework for international trade and the role of the leading international organizations that regulate it.
  • The International Sales Contracts Module gives guidelines for both Exporters and Importers when negotiating the various clauses in an International Contract of Sale and reviews the most common ICC model contracts. 
  • The International Trade Terms Module focuses on ICC’s Incoterms® 2010 and examines how the various costs and responsibilities in international sales of goods are shared between buyers and sellers under each Incoterms® rule.
  • Documents in International Trade explains how trade documents underpin the international sale of goods, and provides an overview of the contents and functions of the main documents used in import/export transactions. 
  • The International Transport lesson looks at the additional considerations involved in the International Transport of Goods, whether by Sea, by Air, or by Land (legal framework, required documentation, international commercial practice) and the roles played by carriers, freight forwarders, agents and brokers.
  • With the Customs and ATA Carnets Module, you will learn everything about the key elements of licences and quotas, duties and taxes, the role of brokers and agents as well as the Harmonized Tariff System (HTS) and the ATA Carnet System.
  • The Finance of International Trade lesson examines the various international payment and payment security options and how they relate to each other. 
  • The International Trade Law and Dispute Resolution Modules review the relevant provisions from the major legal systems that help traders manage their legal risks and resolve disputes fairly and efficiently. 
  • eCommerce in International Trade examines issues specific to online trade such as electronic payments, digital signatures, and other matters related to trade in the electronic era.
  • The Intellectual Property Module explains trademarks, trade secrets, patents and other aspects of I.P.

Benefits of ‘Going Global’

  • 40 hours of intensive online training with anytime anywhere access for one year
  • Optimised for all major technology platforms
  • Available in English, Spanish and Portuguese
  • Covers in depth all aspects of international business
  • Delivered by ICC experts and including an ICC Certificate of Achievement

Invoicing and payment are dealt with by our online training partner Coastline Solutions. For further information, please contact  

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