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Domain names and new generic top-level domains

SIMPLY IP - Concise notes on Intellectual Property issues for business
ICC Publication No. 759E, 2014 Edition
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Domain names are essential identifiers for businesses using the Internet. The advent of a potentially huge number of new generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs) in the domain name system brings new risks and opportunities for businesses.

To help businesses and trademark holders better understand this evolving landscape, this paper provides an overview of the structure of the domain name system, the new gTLD program, and the mechanisms available to defend trademark rights. It answers questions such as:

  • How does the new domain name system work and what are the challenges it poses for trademark owners? 
  • What is the difference between applying for a new gTLD and registering a domain name? 
  • What is cybersquatting? 
  • What sort of Dispute Resolution Procedures (DRP) are available for trademark owners in order to protect themselves?
  • And many more

This paper was developed under the auspices of the ICC Commission on Intellectual Property, the voice of business worldwide on intellectual property issues at the cutting edge of international policy-making. The commission works to promote efficient intellectual property systems that support international trade, encourage investment in creation and innovation, and facilitate sustainable economic development.

Download the ICC Intellectual Property Roadmap “Current and Emerging Issues for Business and Policymakers”. The roadmap provides businesses and policymakers with a comprehensive and concise overview of key intellectual property policy issues today.

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