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ICC Dispute Resolution Bulletin 2015 Issue 1

2014 Statistics; Dispute Adjudication Boards under FIDIC Contracts
ICC Publication No. 15BUL1, 2015 Edition
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ISBN 978-92-842-0347-5
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Published June 2015, 154 pages 

This Bulletin includes:

                - Commentary by Christopher R. Seppälä Click here for Summary

                - Extracts from ICC Arbitral Awards and Procedural Orders Summary available here

                         Case 14431:   Interim Award

                         Case 15956:   Partial Award and Procedural Order

                         Case 16083:   Interim Award

                         Case 16119:   Partial Award

                         Case 16155:   Interim Award

                         Case 16262:   Partial Award

                         Case 16435:   Final Award

                         Case 16570:   Partial Award

                         Case 16765:   Final Award

                         Case 16948:   Final Award

                         Case 17146:   Final Award

                         Case 18096:   Final Award

                         Case 18320:   Final Award

                         Case 18505:   Final Award

                         Case 19346:   Final Award

                         Case 19581:    Final Award

About the ICC Dispute Resolution Bulletin

The full Bulletin contains extracts from awards and procedural orders rendered in ICC cases, commentaries on these case decisions, statistics, reports, and articles on ICC practices and procedures. 

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