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ICC Dispute Resolution Bulletin 2015 Issue 2

ICC Publication No. 15BUL2, 2015 (December) Edition
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About this title

Published December 2015, 188 pages 

Preface by Andrea Carlevaris, Secretary General, ICC International Court of Arbitration 

Highlights include:

- Extracts from 11 ICC arbitral awards, with expert commentary, on issues relating to letters of credit, including the opening of the letter of credit (timing, obligation of means/result, currency devaluation risks), strict/functional compliance with the terms of the letter of credit, and the relationship between the letter of credit and the parties’ underlying contract.

- The ICC Commission on Arbitration and ADR’s new report, ‘Decisions on Costs in International Arbitration’, analysing cost allocation rules and practices and the use of cost allocation to promote effective case management.

- Practical guidance on ICC model dispute resolution clauses from one of their principal draftsmen, offering insight into combinations of procedures, variants of the model clauses, and adapting the clauses to particular needs and circumstances.

- A review of US federal court decisions on arbitration by the Chief Judge of the US Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit.**


About the ICC Dispute Resolution Bulletin

The Bulletin contains extracts from awards and procedural orders rendered in ICC cases, commentaries on these case decisions, statistics, reports, and articles on ICC practices and procedures. You can subscribe to the Bulletin each year, you will receive 2 issues (Issue 1 - June and Issue 2 -December). Subscribe to the Bulletin


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