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Incoterms® 2000 English Edition

By the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)
ICC Publication No. 560E, 2000 Edition
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ISBN 9789284202188
About this title

ICC’s Incoterms® rules define the responsibilities of buyer and seller for delivery of goods under sales contracts. Rules such as FOB, CIF and DDU have become part of the language of international trade and are in constant use throughout the world. Incoterms® 2000 is the authoritative text for determining how costs and risks are allocated to the parties. These terms are regularly incorporated into sales contracts worldwide. Incoterms® 2000 contains the official ICC text of all the thirteen trading terms.

Incoterms® 2000 is also available in English-French. Follow the links for a description in the respective languages.

For more background information, check out the official ICC Incoterms website

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