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Picture of Banking Regulation 2nd Edition

Banking Regulation 2nd Edition 2014 Edition

Comprehensive overview of Banking Regulation across 25 jurisdictions.
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Picture of ICC Model International Sale Contract

ICC Model International Sale Contract 2013 Edition

Concise and practical, this model provides clear directions to sellers and buyers and is fair for all parties involved by clearly presenting a comprehensive set of rights and obligations.
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Picture of ICC Banking Commission Opinions 2009-2011

ICC Banking Commission Opinions 2009-2011 New Opinions on UCP 600, ISBP 681, UCP 500, URC 522 and URDG 758
2012 Edition

The official interpretations of how ICC’s rules are to be used in specific situations provide unrivalled guidance to practitioners and judges in disputes involving ICC rules.
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Picture of Collected DOCDEX Decisions 2009-2012

Collected DOCDEX Decisions 2009-2012 Decisions by ICC experts on Documentary credits, collections and demand guarantees
2012 Edition

The DOCDEX Decisions collections complement the ICC Banking Commission Opinions. Together, they are indispensable aids to practitioners seeking to understand how ICC’s trade finance rules are applied in daily practice.
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